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    Cryogass is a leading ISO tank container (3 m3 - 55 m3) manufacturer and supplier. Container is a type of tool that can be used in all kinds of transportation and is easy to carry by hand. A container's greatest achievement lies in the standardization of its products and all transport systems.

    Reliability: ISO Tank Containers are internationally approved and certified to ISO standards, ensuring they meet global safety standards. It is inspected before and after each use and tested by international security verification companies every 2.5 years.

    Efficiency: ISO Tank Containers have a carrying capacity of over 24,000 liters; this is a significant improvement over traditional bulk liquid transportation of drums in standard containers with a carrying capacity of only 15,000 litres.

    Cost-Effective: Thanks to their intermodal design, ISO Tank Containers can be easily transferred between rail, road and freight, thus significantly reducing both shipping and handling costs.

    Sustainability: ISO Tank Containers are built to last and have an estimated useful life of 15-20 years. This means they can be reused many times and reduce costly environmental packaging waste such as non-reusable drums and plastic containers.

Transport tanks: 3 m3 - 55 m3 Trailer Truck
Gas types: LNG LIN LOX LAR Lco2 
Pressure Range: 3-22 bar 
Design Temperature:  Inner Tank -196/+50 - Outer Jacket -40/+50 (Celsius)

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