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    Air Ambient Evaporator is usually made of finned aluminum tube. When the "cold" liquid gas flows into the evaporator, the air around the evaporator exchanges heat with the cold liquid gas in the finned aluminum tube and the temperature drops.

    As a result of this airflow, the new "relatively hot"; Air flows around the evaporator to maintain the new heat exchange.

This series of evaporators gives off the heat of the air to heat the cryogenic liquid in the heat exchange tube. The fins of the heat exchange tube absorb the heat from the air and transmit it to the cryogenic liquid in the tube to evaporate into gas.

The air temperature vaporizer does not consume electricity or steam. It is a new type of high-efficiency, energy-saving evaporation equipment, without working parts, maintenance and noise. It is widely used in the evaporation of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid LNG and other low-temperature liquids.

    Product structure:   The evaporator series is tubular interconnected by star-finned tubes. Unique "bridge"; connection increases the evaporation capacity and flexibility of the equipment.

Connection between weldless fins, small internal stress, compact structure, neat arrangement, beautiful and durable.

Evaporator Types: Under Tank - System
Gas types: LNG LIN LOX LAR Lco2 
Pressure Range: 0.1-40mpa 
Equipment classification: Vaporizer, heater, supercharger, etc.

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