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    Their purpose is to produce LNG LIN LOX LAR Lco2 blends from ambient air through low temperature rectification.

    The enterprise produces air separation units according to individual projects, taking into account the characteristics of production and existing infrastructure, in order to meet customer needs at the maximum level. The units are based on modern circuit designs and engineering solutions, complemented by assembly kits and units made by leading domestic and foreign manufacturers, and feature a high level of automation, safety and low specific power consumption.

    Our company is a company that can deliver separation products under normal and/or high pressure, both for the complex extraction of gaseous and liquid form products and for the production of separate gases (oxygen and nitrogen). and adjustable capacity air separation units.

Low and medium capacity units are manufactured in a package with maximum operational compatibility.

ASU, Ship and Large storage tanks
Gas types:
LNG LIN LOX LAR Lco2 gross volume maximum 1200 m3 and at different pressures
Design Temperature: Inner Tank -196/+50 - Outer Jacket -40/+50 (Celsius)
Insulation: Vacuum & Perlite
Design code : PED/CE - ASME - GOST TR-CU 

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