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Cryogass is the youngest member of the Akbaşoğlu holding which operates  in Ceyhan-Yumurtalik in southern part of Turkey, which was founded in 2007. Mediterranean Shipbuilding Industry Trade. A.S. makes production in its facility at a total of 120,000 m² in the area and today company holds the largest production area in private sector in Turkey and the largest shipyard in the eastern Mediterranean. It has set out to new horizons in the sector by combining 35 years of hard work and experience under the roof  Akbaşoğlu Group for the pressure vessels sector together with its manufacturing capabilities.

Cryogass operates in one of the first trade zone of Turkey in Adana Yumurtalık and manufactures in a land of 120.000 square meter where 14.000 of its closed production yard. Production plant operates 800 tonnes mobile crane where of it owns private dock yard for loading operations. 350 square meter of offices are located in the same area, the plant and offices are 60 km away from one of main airport at the eastern Mediterranean of Turkey.

Cryogass could be distinguished by its large engineering vessel manufacturing capacity of tank diameter of 8.000mm with the size between 1000 m3 and 1200 m3, where it has the 22x15 meter sized sand blasting and painting room. The vessel manufacturing capacity is 180 unit with average size of 50 m3. Facility holds the record 12.000 tons of steel processing capacity annually.

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